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Happy Down Syndrome Day!

21 March 2023 10:18

It is World Down Syndrome Day! 21st of March was chosen as it represents the three chromosome 21 that people with Down Syndrome have. We are celebrating the lives of people with Down Syndrome. 

I really thank God for sending Sean into our lives over 13 years ago although when we received the diagnosis, we did not think so positively. However, it turns out to be a real blessing. Having Sean help us to change our attitudes to disabilities, learn about how people learn and know a close and supportive community. 

When the consultant told me that they thought he had Down Syndrome, I was devastated. I was thinking of his future as someone who can only work in sheltered workshops (as this is what people with disabilities did when I grew up). The consultant was very encouraging though and told us people with Down Syndrome can live independently with various levels of support. 

Fast forward 13 years and she was right. Sean has exceeded our expectations. We have never dreamed that he could swim 100m, know the word equation of photosynthesis, know more about planets, dwarf planets and exoplanets than we do. He is also a fun and loving boy who is eager to help. However, he is valued by God and deserved to be valued by the society not because what he can do but because everyone, regardless of ability, is precious to God. His ability just shows that we should never underestimate individuals with disabilities. They should be given the support to learn and to thrive.